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Become a Certified Makeup Artist

January 12, 2010

So you love to dress up other people and make them ready for all kinds of occasions, then you are certainly born to be a make up artist. Well, but for becoming a successful makeup artist it is vital to obtain a degree or certificate in this profession. After all, those gorgeous look of models on fashion TV. owe much to these make-up artists. If you wish to be that hand behind the killer looks of fashion models then make sure you have an internationally recognized makeup artist certificate and a good portfolio of your work.

It’s the task of the makeup artist to make an average looking face look beautiful and exceptional but for this you need proper understanding of several aspects. First of the all, the makeup artist needs to have in-depth knowledge about the skin type, the cosmetics, and the various kinds of makeup.

It is essential for a good makeup artist to know about the kind of skin the model or the client has as he/she needs to use the makeup products according to the skin type. Again, the makeup artist also needs to see the color of the skin and choose the cosmetics suiting the skin tone of the client or customer.

Secondly, a makeup artist must know about the make-up products at the back of their hand. They must know which products are the best for them and for their clients. The makeup used by them must not have side effects and should be of good quality.

A good and successful makeup artist should also know about the kinds of makeup i.e. the day time makeup, night time makeup, makeup according to various occasions such as wedding, fashion shows, disco parties, and social parties and so on.

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  1. May 6, 2010 6:38 am

    i want to become a makeup artist.



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