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SFX Makeup Artists: A Challenging Career to Pursue

September 9, 2009

Hollywood is the most popular medium for getting entertainment and hence this makes it the best place to display your talents. If you have the creativity that is par excellence then you stand excellent chance to make a bright career in the Hollywood. This is true for makeup artists as well especially for the SFX makeup artist. Special effects have always been the forte of Hollywood and the credit of it goes to lot of back stage work done by several people. One of those people is certainly the makeup artists. Many institutes and schools have opened up recently that gives SFX makeup training. Joining such a course will ensure your success and pave way to Hollywood.

Special effects makeup is not at all a new concept, it use to prevail in the olden times as well. The religious rituals done by many religions included usage of heavy makeup for giving a special effect. Later on this trend passed on to the theater as well. The actors of the drama in the Shakespearean age use to perform masques on stage where there was an extensive use of the special effects makeup. This kind of makeup can enable you to give a deep impact on the audience. The movies that fall into the genre of Sci-Fi and horror use special effects makeup to the optimum. This is mainly because it can provide you with great visual impression and also allows you to be more imaginative.

The special effects courses offered by many SFX Schools are specially meant to train the students in this field. The programs are generally very intensive and lay down a good foundation amongst the students in makeup artistry. The courses will enable the candidates to qualify to work in SFX houses, workshops, Hollywood movies, Theater and so on. The courses generally includes makeup lessons in full head life casting, designing, sculpting specifically mold making, application of prosthetics and cosmetics. All this will be very helpful in making you a complete master of makeup.

The special effects makeup artists are some the best earners in Hollywood today. This is because of the trend of Sci-fi movies that has come up after Star Trek. However, this is also a very challenging field and literally keeps you on your toes for hours together. If you have the creative drive and willing to show off your talent in a grand way then this is just the perfect profession for you.

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  1. September 13, 2009 3:15 pm

    Wow, those are some crazy pics, must be very difficult and challenging job.

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