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August 3, 2009


The SMA full-time program is offered three days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., either a MWF or TTF schedule. This makeup program is composed of 300 clock hours, 15 credit units and is taught over four months.

Overall Objectives:
Students who graduate from this program are prepared to take an entry-level position within the beauty makeup industries applying makeup to: clients, models, brides and actors for beauty applications in spas, salons, photo studios, weddings and special events.

Course Content:
Over the course of four months students will demonstrate the ability to evaluate faces for skin conditioning and coloring, facial structure and correction and enhancement of features. Students will receive lectures, demonstrations and lab workshops that allow them to practice each and
every aspect of the training. This program of study includes:

Salon Makeup: all aspects of beauty and corrective makeup including day/evening applications

Photographic Makeup: high fashion concepts, designs, applications, black and white, color theory and applications, print media and client concepts

The Wedding Business: makeup applications for a variety of settings and situations, wedding parties, bride, mother-of-the-bride considerations, bridesmaid considerations and advising sessions

Airbrushing: choosing your machine and the right cosmetics, application considerations and designs, assignment considerations

Hair Styling: appropriate dos and don’ts, hair for the client, period hair, hairpieces and wigs, use of all irons

Psychology of Beauty: Young girls want to look older, women of a certain age want to look younger, and all women have visions of themselves that may not match what they see in the mirror.

How does the professional makeup artist make all women feel good about themselves and their appearance? This course provides answers to this question, assisting the makeup artist to better serve all clients.

Grades are determined by: attendance, project assignments, design process, written final exam and project.

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  1. September 10, 2009 9:52 am


    Good article covering the role of makeup effects artists. It is often an under appreciated department on a set, as most of the work goes on in a workshop long before the cameras start to roll.

    The application of complex makeup often begins in the small hours, to be ready in time for the unit to start their day.

    There are also so many aspects to makeup effects, and many tasks which fall in within the remit of makeup effects because they utilize the same skills.

    I include a link to a free downloadable article I have written which looks at the various aspects which the department handle.

    Many thanks


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