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Professional Makeup Courses offer at Ei.Edu

July 7, 2008

EI – Schools of professional makeup artist provides training programs. Our basic makeup artist programs includes studio make up artist, special effects, and artistry on makeup. EI also offers master classes in one-on-one training, continuing education classes, and master courses.

Student wants to make career in Studio Makeup Artist Course and work in the beauty industry only, including salons, spas, cosmetics companies, photographic studios, wedding studios, and freelance work. Students learn all aspects of.

Artistry of Makeup Program
  • Hair styling
  • The Wedding Business
  • Beauty and Corrective makeup
  • Air-Brushing
  • High Fashion Photographic makeup
  • The Psychology of Beauty

Special Effects Makeup Program is designed to provide student with skills necessary to make career in special effect makeup business in beauty-makeup industry. This program is designed to take the novice to a fully-functioning makeup artist prepared to work in SFX houses, special effect labs, entertainment design, digital computer labs, science centers, cosmetic companies, television studios, film and photographer studios and workshops, Program includes:

Special Effects Makeup Program at
  • Sculpting Techniques
  • Head Casting
  • Designing & Designs
  • Sculpture: Making Molds
  • Application of Prosthetics
  • Full Body Casting
  • Multi-Piece Molding
  • Seaming Foam
  • Life Casting (full head)
  • Casting: Foam Rubber Silicone
  • Drawing Techniques

Artistry of Makeup Course: This is one-year program of study prepares students to become fully-trained makeup artists capable of working in all aspects of the various makeup industries. Six courses in this program offer students the fundamentals of each makeup discipline, including practical workshops, guest speakers, and field trips. This program consists of:

Studio Makeup Artist
  • High fashion photographic makeup
  • Beginning prosthetics workshop
  • Television (including HDTV) makeup
  • Film makeup
  • Beauty and corrective makeup
  • Theatrical
  • live performance makeup

Please feel free to browse through the linked Photo Gallery includes the studio make up artist, special effects, artistry on makeup and master classes.

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  1. July 18, 2008 6:59 am

    I’ve gone through your website and I was impressed by the course offerings in makeup. Recently I came across similar makeup school which also providing the similar courses in correspondence. I hope this information would be useful to many of the beauty aspirants who are looking to settle as makeup artist, image consultant and fashion stylist.

  2. Heather Fugate permalink
    October 20, 2008 4:39 pm

    I am a student who would one day like to become a professional make-up artist. Could you help me make this come true

  3. June 18, 2009 12:11 pm

    This blog offers various professional courses of makeup Nice blog.

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