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Do’s and Don’ts of Mineral Make-up

January 29, 2010

Makeup has certainly become an essential part of life and people use it on the regular basis these days. In fact, it has become so much popular that the makeup artistry has now become the most well earning job. This has led several manufacturers to come up with different kinds of make-up products made innovatively. Mineral make-ups are just one such items that is becoming increasingly popular these days.

makeup productMineral make-up has become so much popular due to the fact that it is the best solution for pores, and aging. The make-up is specially made from the natural products and other organic ingredients that are good for the maintaining healthy skin. Therefore, it is also believed that if at all the makeup remains on the face over night then too it won’t cause any problems to the skin. However, it is necessary to be careful while choosing mineral makeup. A makeup artistry professional generally asks three questions before suggesting you any mineral makeup product.

Here are the three basic questions that you need to figure out the answers for:

• Firstly, what kind is your skin? Is it dry and mature skin?
• Secondly, is your skin oily?
• Thirdly, do you get sun burns easily on your skin?

After figuring out the answers to all these questions, you will be able to choose the right kind of mineral makeup for yourself. The mineral makeup suits dry skin as it is not heavy and greasy. It is easy to apply mineral makeup as it glides over the face. However, one important point to bear in mind before applying this make-up is that you clean, tone and moisturize your face.

If you have oily skins then make sure that you take care of several issues because certain contents of the few mineral makeup products can seal the pores of the skin. Therefore, watch out that your make up does not have ingredients such as alcohol, bismuth oxchloride, talc, and dimethicone.

For the people whose skin is prone to burns easily should make sure to use mineral make up as it is best for protecting the skin against the sun rays. However, you shouldn’t rely entirely on the mineral makeup and carry some of your sun tan lotion with you too.


Become a Certified Makeup Artist

January 12, 2010

So you love to dress up other people and make them ready for all kinds of occasions, then you are certainly born to be a make up artist. Well, but for becoming a successful makeup artist it is vital to obtain a degree or certificate in this profession. After all, those gorgeous look of models on fashion TV. owe much to these make-up artists. If you wish to be that hand behind the killer looks of fashion models then make sure you have an internationally recognized makeup artist certificate and a good portfolio of your work.

It’s the task of the makeup artist to make an average looking face look beautiful and exceptional but for this you need proper understanding of several aspects. First of the all, the makeup artist needs to have in-depth knowledge about the skin type, the cosmetics, and the various kinds of makeup.

It is essential for a good makeup artist to know about the kind of skin the model or the client has as he/she needs to use the makeup products according to the skin type. Again, the makeup artist also needs to see the color of the skin and choose the cosmetics suiting the skin tone of the client or customer.

Secondly, a makeup artist must know about the make-up products at the back of their hand. They must know which products are the best for them and for their clients. The makeup used by them must not have side effects and should be of good quality.

A good and successful makeup artist should also know about the kinds of makeup i.e. the day time makeup, night time makeup, makeup according to various occasions such as wedding, fashion shows, disco parties, and social parties and so on.

Useful Tips to Follow For Becoming Good Makeup Artist

November 12, 2009

Makeup is an art like any other art forms; in fact, it is pretty much similar to painting. The cosmetic products are like the paint that you apply on the face which is a canvas for a makeup artist. All art requires refinement so that it can give positive contribution to the society at large. So is true for facial makeup as well. If you are a person with a creative drive and love to beautify yourself and others then a makeup training course is just perfect for you. The course is essential as it can enhance and bring out your creativity in sophisticated way. You can easily become a makeup artist with the courses offered by several schools. Though there are no special prerequisites for becoming a makeup artist, there are definitely certainly few considerations for it.

The first and the foremost thing you should have for becoming a makeup artist is to have a creative drive. Are you one of the people who in childhood, used to paint your younger sibling with all the cosmetic products of your mother without her notice? If yes, then you certainly have the creative drive to beautify the faces around you.

Secondly, start finding a good makeup artist course as the course will not only improvise your talent but will also provides you with required confidence. The makeup artist profession is highly competitive and you really need to prove yourself to be the best if you wish to make your mark. A course will enable you to just do that exactly. There are plenty of schools offering you makeup training course enroll yourself in one of the well recognized school.

Make the best of the time you are at the school. Learn all that you need to know about the cosmetic products, its application, and the color schemes and so on. The courses can make you polish your natural skills and hence give you an upper edge over the others.

Besides, if you wish to be a successful makeup artist then you need to bear in mind that doing your work perfectly is not enough. It is necessary to maintain good relationship with fellow members as you will be able to fetch more work through it. Being in the good books of Assistant Directors is very helpful as you will have to carve your path from the pool of makeup artists. You can get makeup artist jobs easily by keeping good terms with people of the industry.

Hope this information really helps you to make you a complete success in the field of makeup artistry.

Makeup Artistry is One of The Best Career Options

October 3, 2009

An Undying Profession for Creative Freaks

This post is specially meant for the individuals who are seeking for a permanent career. Reading this post will help you to see that makeup artistry is one of the best career options for you if you have a creative drive. The makeup schools offer up to date training in various field of makeup artistry.

Makeup artistry is one field that cannot be badly affected by the economic crisis as everybody wants to look beautiful. People are always willing to spend some bucks on looking beautiful and especially during occasions. A makeup training course can be helpful for the youngsters looking for a creative career. This is so because makeup artist is required right from wedding occasions to the Hollywood. It is an undying profession. There are end number of makeup schools today that have excellent makeup courses and teachers. The field of makeup is no longer confined to just improving your looks but in fact, it has grown much wider since the Star Trek.

An entirely new field of special effects makeup artistry has spawned out of Star Trek. Hollywood is now popular throughout the world for making of some of the best Sci-fi movies and horror movies. Special makeup and moulds are made for giving a complete imaginative and entertaining experience. This course is taught in the makeup school under some of the best makeup instructors of the film industry itself.

However, there are several different makeup courses that you can take up such as SFX makeup course, Media makeup artistry course, Fashion makeup artistry course and many more. Acquire expertise in any of the course and make a bright career in a field that is creative and challenging as well. It is field with heavy competition and therefore, you really need to excel in your art to get recognition in this field.

Makeup school LA is one of the best exponents for learning makeup artistry. The school has some of the best and well qualified and experienced makeup teachers and makeup instructors. The institute is well known for its successful makeup artists and the best part is that it is the heart of the Hollywood city.

SFX Makeup Artists: A Challenging Career to Pursue

September 9, 2009

Hollywood is the most popular medium for getting entertainment and hence this makes it the best place to display your talents. If you have the creativity that is par excellence then you stand excellent chance to make a bright career in the Hollywood. This is true for makeup artists as well especially for the SFX makeup artist. Special effects have always been the forte of Hollywood and the credit of it goes to lot of back stage work done by several people. One of those people is certainly the makeup artists. Many institutes and schools have opened up recently that gives SFX makeup training. Joining such a course will ensure your success and pave way to Hollywood.

Special effects makeup is not at all a new concept, it use to prevail in the olden times as well. The religious rituals done by many religions included usage of heavy makeup for giving a special effect. Later on this trend passed on to the theater as well. The actors of the drama in the Shakespearean age use to perform masques on stage where there was an extensive use of the special effects makeup. This kind of makeup can enable you to give a deep impact on the audience. The movies that fall into the genre of Sci-Fi and horror use special effects makeup to the optimum. This is mainly because it can provide you with great visual impression and also allows you to be more imaginative.

The special effects courses offered by many SFX Schools are specially meant to train the students in this field. The programs are generally very intensive and lay down a good foundation amongst the students in makeup artistry. The courses will enable the candidates to qualify to work in SFX houses, workshops, Hollywood movies, Theater and so on. The courses generally includes makeup lessons in full head life casting, designing, sculpting specifically mold making, application of prosthetics and cosmetics. All this will be very helpful in making you a complete master of makeup.

The special effects makeup artists are some the best earners in Hollywood today. This is because of the trend of Sci-fi movies that has come up after Star Trek. However, this is also a very challenging field and literally keeps you on your toes for hours together. If you have the creative drive and willing to show off your talent in a grand way then this is just the perfect profession for you.


August 3, 2009


The SMA full-time program is offered three days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., either a MWF or TTF schedule. This makeup program is composed of 300 clock hours, 15 credit units and is taught over four months.

Overall Objectives:
Students who graduate from this program are prepared to take an entry-level position within the beauty makeup industries applying makeup to: clients, models, brides and actors for beauty applications in spas, salons, photo studios, weddings and special events.

Course Content:
Over the course of four months students will demonstrate the ability to evaluate faces for skin conditioning and coloring, facial structure and correction and enhancement of features. Students will receive lectures, demonstrations and lab workshops that allow them to practice each and
every aspect of the training. This program of study includes:

Salon Makeup: all aspects of beauty and corrective makeup including day/evening applications

Photographic Makeup: high fashion concepts, designs, applications, black and white, color theory and applications, print media and client concepts

The Wedding Business: makeup applications for a variety of settings and situations, wedding parties, bride, mother-of-the-bride considerations, bridesmaid considerations and advising sessions

Airbrushing: choosing your machine and the right cosmetics, application considerations and designs, assignment considerations

Hair Styling: appropriate dos and don’ts, hair for the client, period hair, hairpieces and wigs, use of all irons

Psychology of Beauty: Young girls want to look older, women of a certain age want to look younger, and all women have visions of themselves that may not match what they see in the mirror.

How does the professional makeup artist make all women feel good about themselves and their appearance? This course provides answers to this question, assisting the makeup artist to better serve all clients.

Grades are determined by: attendance, project assignments, design process, written final exam and project.

Career Services to Students in Makeup Institute

July 20, 2009

Career services are available to all students of EI-Makeup Institute who are either enrolled or who have graduated through our Student Services Department. Appointments can be made in advance with the director of Student Services.

The career process includes:

  • Resumes first beginning in the salon course (for both Artistry of Makeup Program and Studio Makeup Artist Program and in the first 8 weeks of the SFX Program)
  • Resumes updated throughout training
  • Portfolios beginning in the salon course and photos taken throughout training
  • Meetings with the placement director to prepare a job search plan prior to graduation.

Though EI cannot guarantee placement, every effort is made to ensure that students are assisted in their job search within all the professional makeup fields.

The Facility:
This institution, the facilities it occupies and the equipment it utilizes fully comply with all federal, state and local ordinances and regulations, including those requirements as to fire safety, building safety and health.